Coronation Day -- Memories from Moordown

After the long war years, and the austerity of those that followed, the Coronation of a new Queen in June 1953 was really something to celebrate..
Lots of people remember how they gathered round the few TV sets that existed then to watch the ceremony 'live'... and of course there were street parties everywhere!
We have some photos of the celebrations in Moordown, but there must be loads more.... do let us know if you have any...

This first one is a panorama of the street party held in Evelyn Rd. This lovely photo was rescued by our group member Elaine Davies. It was discovered during a house clearance operation, and was due to go into the bin!.....  so thanks for saving it Elaine!
There are lots of children in this one, so I'm hoping there will be lots of names put to faces.....after all, it's only 60 years ago!
Just click on the photo for a higher resolution numbered version
- 'zoom in' and drop a note in our 'contact us' box if you know any of the names.  
..We'll add them to the photo, once we get a few...
And there's more!!.. there were a few minutes of movie film taken at the same party...
 - it's a silent clip, but in colour -
<<<<<<<< You can see it by clicking the 'film clip' button on the left
A photo of another Coronation Day Party next.  This time from Edifred Rd.  
(Now in Muscliffe.. then in Moordown!) We have a few names... can you add any more?  
(just click on the photo to see more details)
Our thanks to Brian Burgess for this lovely photo...
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