......some stories from Moordown past, remembered and re-told by Moordown folk....

We have started to collect some lovely stories from peoples' own memories of Moordown past. Some remembering childhood days - some recounting wartime experiences - and we are hoping for more...

So - if you have your own memories of Moordown past, do let us know, so that we can include them here.

Now that we have several accounts - keep 'em coming! -  we've added a list, to help you locate a specific page more easily...

(Just click on the any of the names below, to read the associated notes - remember to use your back button to get back here)



  •  John Pudney       - Moordown school boy memories from the 1960s 
  •  Jenny Young       Jenny (née Troke) recall her childhood memories of a 'famous' Moordown family
  •  Roger Goodwin   - memories of a wartime schoolboy, as told to his daughter, Christina 
  •  Russ  Barnes      - memories of the Halifax bomber crash 
  •  Geoff Lane          - boyhood memories of Redhill Common
  •  Howard Dalton   - growing up in Hillcrest Rd
  •  Russ Barnes        - schoolboy memories of wartime in Moordown
  •  Howard Dalton   - more from Howard on early Moordown, and the history of Hillcrest Rd
  •  Mary Harrison    - recalls some memories of her King Edward Ave home, where she has lived since 1936
  •  Pete Roberts      - some childhood memories from the 1960s


.....More stories to follow soon (we hope!)..

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