the memorial design


The design of the Memorial itself was largely inspired by ideas from the Vice-Chairman of the Moordown 2010 Committee, David Atkinson.

David had been the MP for Bournemouth East for some 28 years, until he stepped down from the House of Commons in 2005, but he continued his interest in local affairs throughout his retirement.

As Vice-Chairman of the Committee, David's input into the whole project was invaluable, and his ideas for the Memorial itself were expressed in many sketches and discussions.

Sadly, we lost David in January 2012, but in July 2011 he was still well enough to oversee, and direct, the final unveiling and dedication proceedings of the Memorial he had been so instrumental in helping to create.

He will be greatly missed, not only by his family and friends of course, and by the people of the communities he served so well, but also very much by the other members of the Moordown 2010 Committee.

Below are some of the sketches and drawings that helped shape the final outcome of the Memorial we see today.

The more technical details were finalised by Mark Shearman of LivingStones, who actually created the Memorial stone and plinth itself, and I was happy to liaise with Mark to help realise some of David's ideas, but it was those ideas that determined the concept for the very fine Memorial that now stands, at the exact location of the crash site.


An early format idea, from David Atkinson


An early idea for the Memorial inscription, again from David



David's sketch for the Dedication Program



Work in progress sketches..........

The final layout agreed!