the memorial



The Moordown Halifax Memorial is constructed from a rectangular, dark grey granite block, approximately 3' high, by 2' wide, and some 18" deep.

It has a pyramid apex, a highly polished finish, and is inscribed with a silver engraved script.

The main Memorial block stands on a plinth, some 3' square and 3" deep, which has a further descriptive text engraved along the front edge.

The whole assembly is mounted on a concrete base.

It is located on the corner of Meadow Court Close, opposite the Holly Tree public house, in Moordown, Bournemouth BH9 2BU. The location less than 25m from the site of the crash itself.

The exact location is 50°45'23.5"N, 1°52'22.7"W.  It does appear on Google Earth Street View, at that location.

The Memorial was originally commissioned in 2010, following the formation of the Moordown 2010 Committee, which had been set up  to find a suitable contribution that the community in Moordown could make towards the Bournemouth Bi-centenary Celebrations that year.

Alan Rice, of Moordown based Tapper Funeral Services was approached about possible options for the Memorial, and he was able to introduce the Committee to Tapper's own specialist memorial stonemasons: 

Living Stones

where Mark Shearman took personal charge of arranging for the Memorial to be commissioned and installed, at less than cost.

This generous contribution to the project was very much appreciated by the 2010 Committee, and indeed by all those involved with the Moordown Halifax Memorial.