video records


There are several video clips relating to the Moordown Halifax Memorial already online.

A video recording of the Memorial Dedication Ceremony was very kindly made by Howard Dalton, a former resident of Moordown.

You can see it here:

(Note that you can click on the symbol to the left of the 'vimeo' logo to watch the video full screen)

Although Meridian TV did send a crew to cover the event, they did not film the entire ceremony, and so we are grateful that Howard had the foresight to make this more complete recording of the day's events.

A further video from Howard covers a number of interviews made on that same day, from both relatives of some of the victims, and from witnesses of the actual aftermath of the crash.

You can see the interviews here:  


There have been two items broadcast on TV:

The Meridian TV item by Martin Dowse mentioned above was broadcast on 'Meridian Tonight' on 6th August 2011.

You can see that here:

Because this was a broadcast item, and not for general viewing, downloading or copying, it has been password protected. The password is 'hax'.

In January 2012, the BBC ran an item on the loss of JP137 as part of their 'Inside Out' series. 

You can see a copy of that here:

Again, as a broadcast item it is password protected. The password is the same as before...   'hax'.
This next video is another from Howard. This time, Margaret Fraser, who was a little girl at the time of the crash, recalls her memories......