This page is for items from the Great War with a more general Bournemouth connection, rather than a specific Moordown one.

Perhaps a good place to start would be a link to the online version of Mike Edgington's book 'Bournemouth and the First World War', which gives an excellent and comprehensive account of the town during - and just after - the First World War? 

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A photo of a Great War parade, described as 'in the Bournemouth area'..

It's at Hengistbury Head of course...but we're not sure at the moment who it is - or when it was taken.

At a guess, probably 1914 or 1915, when there were a lot of soldiers billeted in the area....

It's possibly the King's Own Royal Lancs, who were billeted in the Pokesdown and Southbourne let us know if you can tell us any more detail...

(just click on the photo to see the same view today)

..or  I should say as close as you can get to the same view today.... there's a lot more gorse on the Head these days!

Thanks to Elaine Davies for this find..


A fascinating story about a WW1 rifle range - in the middle of Winton!

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Edit - Feb 2016: As you will read when you click on the photo, this image is reversed. The Imperial War Museum, where the photo is from have been informed, and have corrected the photo.. and also added the exact location on their web page.... So we've done our small bit towards correcting the National Archive!

Thanks once again to Elaine Davies again for finding this photo....


And our thanks again to Elaine for the next couple of photos......

the first shows the 7th Battalion Royal Hampshire Regiment

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the caption reads 'Departure of 7th Hants 9.8.14'.  August 9th was Sunday, and we can see that most in the crowd are dressed in their 'Sunday best'.....

The 7th Hants were based at the Drill Hall in Holdenhurst Rd at the outbreak of the War in 1914. This looks to have been taken in one of the nearby roads... maybe Wellington or Porchester Rd?


This next photo was taken in the Square, with what is now Debenhams in the background.

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It is of a 'Recruiting March' which took place on Wednesday, 14th April 1915. Soldiers from several units - many who had been billeted in the town during the winter of 1914 - march past the Mayor and local dignatories, as well as senior army officers, who take the salute from their dias in the Square.  

Amazingly, there are also moving film clips of this same event which survive, and which you can see by clicking on the button below...



The next photo is of the 8th Battalion East Lancs, and was taken during the time they were billeted in Pokesdown. Just click on the image to find out more....

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