On occasion, a group member has given give a short presentation on a specific subject, at one of our monthly meetings.

For those not able to attend in person, we are intending to add copies of the notes and images from some of those presentations, to give you a sense of the subject covered. It's not quite the same as the original presentation of course.......


Some of you may recall Jenny Young's presentation on Lt. Roland Peck a while ago -

A really exciting 'Boy's Own' type tale from the Great War.....Except of course that the 'Boys' Own' versions don't end with the tragic deaths of  the heros, like so many events in the Great War actually did... Including his one, sadly.

We have now posted a copy of Jenny's notes from that presentation, which you can find by clicking on the image of Roland below..



Those who came to the September meeting enjoyed a very entertaining talk from Alex McKinstry. Although it was primarily on the history of Tuckton, Alex did manage to include one or two links to Moordown!  

You can find a copy of the notes Alex used for his presentation by clicking HERE 

Those notes were constructed from the research Alex carrried out in preparation for his recently published book:

'The Village of Tuckton - 35,000 BC to 1926'

....copies of which you can buy online from HERE


During a couple of the meetings this year, our chairman Micheal Stead gave a presentation of the history of the shops in Moordown along the main Wimborne Rd.  Just click HERE to view a copy of the notes and slides he used to accompany his talk.  

As you will see from the page headings, it looks as if Michael maybe should become a tabloid newspaper headline writer?... some of his titles are quite fun!.....(remember to use your back button to get back here)


The next item was given by Berni Hallam at the Spetember meeting. This was on the history of the forge in Malvern Rd, run for many years by the James family. The site is now re-developed as modern homes... one of which Berni lives in!......Click HERE to see Berni's notes, and some images on the forge site, and of the blacksmiths who worked there.....


The next set of notes and images are from Howard Dalton's item on the Ensbury Park airfield and racecourse, and of his family involvement with that project. You can find a copy HERE

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