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'None of the Above'...

Most of the local Moordown 'group' photos are from the local schools .. Winton and Moordown  (Juniors, Infants and Senior boys) and St John's. Each or those schools has its own page...But there are a few that don't fit into those pages - so we'll present them here!... We do hope this page will bring back some happy memories....
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with the names we know so far already added
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Our first photo of Winton and Moordown Senior Girls. This is from 1956/57, taken at Oswald Rd ...
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In this case we are lucky enough to have all the names, thanks to Hazel Vine who sent in the photo
- thanks Hazel...
Two photos of soccer teams from Victoria Park in the 1950s...
The Youth Club team from 1955....
and the 'Old Boys' team from 1956
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...and if you can add any missing names to faces, do let us know.
Thanks to Venon Masterman for these two photos..
Jeff Butcher has emailed - so we can add his brother Alan's name to the Youth Club team photo....Thanks for that Jeff..
The next one from Eileen Barker (or Moss as she then was) shows a wartime photo of the 'Walburga Warblers'.  This one's easier -- Eileen has included all the names on the photo itself!
An Interesting comment from Eileen on this photo....  As you may imagine, it was difficult to come up with attractive costumes for the 'Warblers,' with the severe restrictions imposed by  wartime clothing rations. So an ingenious  bit of 'sideways' thinking was applied.
The 'blouses' the girls are wearing are all made from muslin, donated by a local famer, who had previously used it to strain milk!  
Once it had all been washed and carefully re-crafted, I think it made very attractive costumes for the girls. 
Hats off for a bit of wartime ingenuity!
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