School Photos

Winton and Moordown: Infants and Juniors

The photos here are of school classes from the primary and junior Winton and Moordown Schools at Coronation Ave and Oswald Rd.
They are mostly from the 1950s and 1960s ... although there are one or two from other decades.
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Photos from John Cuff of Winton Juniors Athletics team - and of the School Prefects from 1970... 
Winton Juniors Athletics team 1970
Winton Juniors Prefects 1970
Just click on the photos to see the numbered versions....
No names as yet - do let us know by using the contact box if you can add a name to a face, and we'll add them onto the numbered picture 
Lovely photos, thanks John.....
A lovely photo from 1960... the Winton and Moordown Juniors football team --
We have names for everyone - but are they all correct?...just click on the photo to check them....
Our thanks to Nigel Hawkins for this photo - and for most of the names!
A photo from the early those days the boys and girls were kept separate - even in the juniors - so boys only in this one!
just click on the photo to see the names -- our thanks to Al Kirtley for this one
March 2017 - some more names from Brian Barnes -- thanks Brian
...(only a few more names to go -- can anyone help 'fill in the gaps' as it were?)
Winton and Moordown Juniors from 1963
thanks to David Shore for the names we have so far...
...and to Jane Christopher (née Woodford) for (almost!) all the others.... thanks Jane
Winton and Moordown Primary from 1955 - click on the photo for more details.. 
Winton and Moordown Juniors 1956..
Winton and Moordown Primary - Coronation Party 1953..
Thanks to Mervyn Wright for the 3 above photos...
Winton and Moordown Juniors from 1954 
 Nearly all the names on this one already... Just click on the photo to see who's who..
A lovely photo from the early 1950s.....the cast of a school play - 'Robin Hood'.


Just click on the image to see who's who...
Thanks to Jeff Butcher for this one....


Another Winton Junior School next - this one is from 1970. Can you help with any more names?....


Just click on the photo to see the numbered version...
This photo is from Ron Rigby, so thanks to Ron - and to Christine Graham (née MacGuire) for some extra names - and some further additions from Caroline Kurtulan (née Oliver). Thanks for those Caroline...And another name from Simon Pittwood - his sister Elaine - thanks Simon.........
December 2016 - Jan Pine (née Watts) and Sian Wilcox (née McCarthy) have forwarded ALL the missing names (as well as some corrections)....Thanks Jan and Sian.
So we now have our second 'completed' photo.... I must admit I didn't think we'd do that with any of thanks to everyone who has contributed...
..I wonder how many more we can complete?....
A Winton and Moordown Junior School photo from 1958. This one of Miss Woolcock's class.
Just click on the photo to see the numbered version... including a list of names from the class not not yet linked to faces. Can you help add any more?.....
Our thanks to Howard Dalton for this photo .. and for the extra names from his autograph book!....
  Another Winton and Moordown Juniors photo....again from 1958 
Just click on the photo to see the numbered version. I should know all the names in this one (it's my class!) but I'm ashamed to say I don't. I'm not even sure about all the ones I have put on!..... Hopefully, some of you can help out here?.....
(Thanks to Brian Burgess for this photo... and thanks to Dave Bowman for adding some more names)
Simon Pittwood has sent a couple of Winton and Moordown Junior School sports team photos from 1966..... This time Simon has aleady been able to add all the names for the 'numbered' versions. As usual, just click on the photos to see who's who...Thanks for these, Simon......
Another  Winton and Moordown Juniors photo from 1958....
This one of Mr. Sheppard's class is from Brian Burgess.... thanks Brian.
Just click on the photo to see the 'numbered' copy.
Can you add any more names?...

From a little later this time.  Winton and Moordown Juniors from 1959/60...again just click on the photo to see who's who....


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