......and everywhere else locally, if we're being honest smiley

Some of you will have already had the chance to read the original draft of Alex McKinstry's fascinating essay about the introduction of TV, and the development of the sales and servicing locally, during the 50s, 60s and 70s .  

As requested, some of you let Alex know of your own memories about the introduction of TV into our lives, and he has now incorporated those memories into the final version of his essay. You can read the finished article below. It contains lots of details of personal memories, and lists all the local TV 'dealers' - and where and when they worked from. There are sure to be some names amongst them you haven't thought about for years!  It's a great read......thanks Alex. 

Alex has also asked me to pass his thanks onto those group members who were able to add their memories about TV.. So thanks to John and Eileen Barker, Howard Dalton, Micheal Stead, Russ Barnes, Steve Mott and Al Kirtley... and to anyone else I've forgotten!

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